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90° Projection Surveys

If you are on this page we would like to first congratulate you on your purchase of a home or property on beautiful Lake Hartwell. 

90° Projection Surveys are required by the Corps of Engineers for shoreline management. A 90° Projection Survey may be required by your Ranger for a host of reasons including getting a new dock permit, transferring an existing permit, and underbrushing.  We have 10 years of experience with 90° Projection Surveys and will be glad to give you an estimate or answer any questions you may have.


Other services for Lake Hartwell:


- Compute volumes and help prepare dredging plans.


- Measure the cove to help determine dock sizes using the 1/3 of   a cove rule.


- Locate the 656 contour to help determine gang walk length.


- Prepare plans showing existing docks and other variables to

  help determine what size dock will fit in an area.


- Prepare a plan to show how many docks and what sizes will fit

  for a raw tract of land.


- Help determine community dock locations and how many          

  slips/lots can be developed.


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